Data Administration & Reengineering :
Data Conversion
.. Data Administration & Reengineering
Often when an organisation upgrades their applications,
it   becomes   necessary  to  convert  the  data  from  the 
existing format to the new format. We have in house built 
methodologies, which  converts  data  from one platform 
to  another.  Our   database   administration   group   has 
expertise in Foxpro, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Mysql
Data Import / Export
Today organizations have a lot of desktop-based applications that operate on a
stand-alone   basis.   We    can    write    bridges    between    these    independent
applications  and  the backend mainframes so  that the valuable desktop data is 
available  for analysis  in corporate servers. Moreover, the cab be imported and 
exported in various formats and can support multi databases.